About YPO Global Pulse


The only CEO economic sentiment indicator to span the globe on a quarterly basis.

Unique insights into the global economy

Each quarter, YPO surveys its network of more than 24,000 CEOs in more than 130 countries on questions related to current and expected economic conditions affecting their businesses. About a third of YPO members are entrepreneurs, another third run family businesses, and the rest are professional (hired) executives.

Survey Methodology

The Confidence Index combines surveyed CEO projections for sales, employee count, fixed investment and business conditions. The Index is centered on 50. An Index reading below 50 indicates a negative outlook – the lower the number, the more negative the outlook. A reading above 50 indicates a positive outlook – the higher the number, the more positive the outlook.

Survey Methodology – second quarter 2016

The quarterly online survey was conducted during the first two weeks of July 2016 among the active membership of YPO. Globally, 26% of participants were from large companies (more than 500 employees), 39% from medium-sized companies (100-500 employees), and 35% from small companies (less than 100 employees). By business sector, 25% of participants were from the production sector, 10% from construction and 65% from the services sector. The respondents by area are indicated below.

Respondents by Area

2,389 162 227 115 142 238 61 171 76 1,177 18
Total Africa Asia Australasia Canada European Union Europe Non-EU Latin America MENA United States Not specified

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