YPO Global Leadership Summit

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2,500 of the World’s Top Leaders Coming Together to Shape our Shared Future

Each year, YPO members from around the world gather for the annual YPO Global Leadership Summit. During the two-day event, approximately 2,500 members and invited guests from more than 80 countries convene with world-renowned speakers and resources to address key issues in business, politics, philanthropy and humanities.

What people are saying about the YPO Global Leadership Summit

Anil Kumar

London, England

Member since 2003


“The Global Leadership Summit is a one-of-a-kind event where peers get together to learn from the experience of those across every industry, region, religion, background and language. There is no other summit that does that, and hats off to YPO for taking this initiative to organize this year after year!”

Dave Maney

Lakewood, Colorado

Member since 1998


“YPO’s Global Leadership Summit is the convening of remarkable entrepreneurs who bridge the gap between Wall Street and Main Street. This is far from an ordinary gathering; YPO’s Summit is truly where you can glimpse the future of the global economy.”

His Excellency Paul Kagame

President of the Republic of Rwanda

Speaker at 2011 YPO Global Leadership Summit


“I am here today because we value the Young Presidents’ Organization for the role it plays in linking Rwanda to global networks of learning, trade and investment…Members of YPO understand the relationship between leadership, business innovation, and self-determination in a complex and rapidly changing world…There is space for all who seek to work with us, but a partnership with YPO, with its breadth of capabilities and its focus on the long term, holds the possibility of infinite returns.”

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey

National Geographic Society Fellow

Speaker at 2011 YPO Global Leadership Summit


“YPO has the potential to be an elixir of unprecedented magnitude for the world.”



2012 YPO Global Leadership Summit