Touch Israel Experience

Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Israel

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Touch Israel Experience

During this four-day journey through the rich lands of Israel, members will walk through the ancient city of Jerusalem and dance to the pulse of the modern Tel Aviv. Thanks to the connections of Israeli YPO members, participants will have VIP access throughout the conference, including a gala in a breathtaking fortress overlooking the Dead Sea.

Members and their spouses/partners have the opportunity to experience the rich history, turmoil and beauty of Israel and to:

  • Compare, contrast and explore the fundamental similarities of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
  • Participate in candid question and answer sessions with top political and military leaders, influential decision makers and the country’s well-known entrepreneurs.
  • Join the other 140 participants for the themed “Story of Israel” dinner followed by an underground excursion through the tunnels below the West Wall.
  • Gain eye-opening, emotionally-jarring insight into the Jewish perspective of the Holocaust with an exclusive visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum.

Attendees embrace the dichotomy of Israel’s deep tradition with its ability to inspire the region’s future.