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London Business School 2011

Over the course of five intensive days, members from differing industries confidentially study each other’s business models and, guided by world-renowned resources, offer one another concrete growth strategies.

YPO members invade the London Business School campus for a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

  • Attendees prepare for the seminar by reviewing five case studies representing real issues for real companies.
  • London Business School faculty members facilitate all seminar sessions, receiving extremely high marks from past attendees.
  • Sessions are often supplemented with off-the-record conversations with CEOs from the case studies.
  • Intensive, confidential small group discussions provide an opportunity to discuss company growth issues, get feedback and plan an action agenda.

Attendees leave this seminar with constructive peer and professor feedback that they can apply to real bottom-line business growth; it is ideal for members focused on growing their business.