India Presidents’ University

New Delhi, India

With a heritage rooted in 5,000 years of history, India is a country whose branches of commerce and culture majestically span the globe. It is under this canopy of innovation and inspiration that a brilliant world of intellect, spirituality and passion flourish.

India Presidents’ University : Live Inspired provides members with an impressive collection of classroom interactions, daylong excursions and three-day long yatras (Sanskrit for procession or journey). Cultural commentators and local intellectuals team with YPO’s Indian chapters to explain a shifting global landscape and India’s prominent role in it.  Members will explore a land that is complex in its diverse religious, architectural, gastronomical, geographic, romantic and artistic offerings,

Program Highlights:

  • Panel discussions and informed debate will highlight every aspect of the Indian culture.
  • Sessions will explore how this bustling country’s many milestones will provide unprecedented opportunity in the future.
  • Academies and excursions run the gamut from classic Indian locations to spots that are just now emerging as must-see destinations.