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Harvard Presidents’ Program

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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In January 1954, U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy met with YPO members attending a seminar at Harvard Business School (HBS) and spoke about how the country could avoid an economic recession.

The YPO-HBS tradition has continued for more than 60 years as YPO members participate in the annual Harvard Presidents’ Program. This legendary program provides members with a weeklong immersion of case study-focused learning with top Harvard professors.

  • Members spend 40-50 hours preparing for this intensive program by reading and analyzing real-life case studies.
  • Firmly grounded in real-world business expertise, an outstanding selection of HBS professors – including Frei, Moss, Porter, Kaplan, and Yoffie – guide the sessions.
  • Evening study groups are organized so that the 300 attendees can apply relevant daily lessons to their own business models back at home.
  • To foster the group learning experience, members stay on the Harvard Business School campus in residence halls.

YPO founder Ray Hickok wanted the opportunity to bounce ideas off of a group of business peers. The Harvard program epitomizes the true peer networking experience in an environment that fosters real business growth.