Florence Presidents’ University

Florence, Italy

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Florence University
Masterpieces Of Uffizi-Vasari Corridor
Masterpieces Of Uffizi-Vasari Corridor
Private Palaces - Palazzo Antinori
Secret Passages Of Palazzo Vecchio
Secret Passages Of Palazzo Vecchio
Secret Passages Of Palazzo Vecchio
The Best of Chianti
Entry at Palazzo Vecchio

Continuing in the YPO Presidents’ University tradition of excellence, Florence Presidents’ University hosted members from 84 chapters and 148 first-time University attendees. Members and spouses/partners immerse themselves in Italian culture while fueling their passion for becoming more enlightened leaders through the theme, “The Spirit of Discovery.” Florence’s treasures provide myriad opportunities for unique exploration.

In a city where one of the world’s most important cultural movements was born, and virtually every building has historical and artistic significance, it was easy to identify interesting and inspirational offsite excursions and fascinating resources to give members and their spouse or partner the best experience possible. The event chair and committee hosted extraordinary education, socials, cultural offsite excursions and day trips to Rome, Milan, Venice and Tuscany that inspired attendees to harness their creativity in every aspect of their lives.

Program Highlights:

  • After long days of feeding their minds and souls, members enjoyed socials at some of the most exclusive and unique venues in Florence from palazzos to medieval fortresses to private villas, experiencing wonderful art, music and entertainment with fabulous Italian cuisine and wine to feed their bodies and spirits.
  • Featured keynote speakers from two long-running family-owned wineries — Marchese Piero Antinori and his daughter Albiera with a family history of making wine for 26 generations, and Marchese Vittorio Frescobaldi with his son Lamberto, a 27th generation winemaker. University attendees learned centuries-old secrets to multigenerational success, how the two families keep their companies relevant in the global markets as well as their plans for continued success in the future.
  • A fashion event showcased the best in Italian fashion and allowed attendees the opportunity to hear from those at the helm of some of the most successful and recognizable fashion houses in the world, including Salvatore Ferragamo Italia. Attendees also had the privilege of hearing from 90-year-old Wanda Ferragamo, the charismatic honorary chairman whose husband started the company and whose grandson now runs it.