Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange™

A great deal has changed since YPO’s founding in 1950, but certain things have remained the same: the value of a peer network and trusted mentors, the importance of ongoing education, and the need for a “safe haven” where issues can be aired in an environment of confidentiality.

Over the past six decades, YPO has maintained its core commitment to these ideals while embracing change with each successive generation of young business leaders.

Toby Malhoutra

Bangalore, India

Member since 1995


We are all CEOs in our regular lives. We are all leaders and have people who look up to us. But when you come to YPO as a leader among peers, you become far more innovative and creative. You also become a better human being.”

Monica de Oriol

Madrid, Spain

Member since 2004


“I joined YPO in the midst of a company crisis. Having a network of peers allowed me to share the decision-making process with neutral and dynamic leaders.”